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Have a fantasy you'd like me to make into a video for you?
I make custom HD videos for my fans!

Do you have a specific idea for a video you'd like me to make? A fantasy you want to see me star in? A role you'd like me to play? I love to make custom erotic videos, in crystal clear, high quality HD format to suit the particular taste of my individual fans. Let me make you're desires come to life...

Everything about the video, all the details, are entirely up to you to decide. Customize everything from my hair, makeup & outfit, to the location, the runtime, the toys I use, the positions, camera angels... The only limitations are your imagination. Explain your desires as specifically and with as much detail as you can. It is important to give me as much information as possible, because the more information you give me about what you want to see the more satisfied you will be with the final result! I want you to make sure your happy with your purchase & I always want to be sure I've pleased my fans and customers! 

There is no set price for custom videos. Instead use the form below to email me an outline/description of the video you'd like me to make for you, and I will get back to you quickly with a price or price range I think is fair for what you are asking. For example, videos using three or more toys will cost a little more than if you only want me to use one, an hour long video will cost more than one that is ten minutes, and if I need to purchase a new toy, outfit or any supplies to create your perfect video the price will be raised accordingly. You can include a price range you're conforable with in your e-mail if you'd like, and I can try to work with your budget. Also, please remember that videos must be paid for in full before I will begin shooting. You can expect to recieve your video by e-mail 4 - 6 days from the date payment confirmation is recieved. Accepted forms of payment currently include: Square Cash, Google Wallet, Chaturbate/MyFreeCams tokens, and Amazon Giftcards. 

Video Order Form

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Use as much detail as possible when describing your video! This will help me to create the best posible video for you!

Thank you for ordering a custom video! Make sure to check your e-mail & look for my response! Can't wait to start shooting it for you!